Quisp Cereal Redo

When I was young my brother and I always asked Mom to buy Cap’n Crunch or Quisp cereal for breakfast, what we always got was the generic store brand of un-sugared Corn Flakes.

But now that I’m older, shopping for cereal for my own family, I reflect on those times and think what it would have meant to a couple of kids, if even just once, Mom broke down and bought some overly-sugared not-at-all-good-for-you cereal for our breakfast. And I stand here alone, in the cereal aisle, with these thoughts and say to myself, “what joy it would bring the children if I brought home a couple of boxes of Cookie Crisps or Fruit Loops for breakfast. They would probably form a circle around me and dance and sing Thank you Dad, Thank you Dad and try to pick me and put me on there little shoulders and carry me through the neighborhood..”
Then my wife punches me in the arm and tells me stop talking to myself and just buy a damn box of cereal. Snapped back to reality I grab the generic store brand of un-sugared Corn Flakes and go.  Sorry kids.

Quisp cereal is the exclusive copyrighted property of The Quaker Oats Company. This illustration is intended for non-commercial, personal use only (unless of course Quaker Oats would like to purchase this art work and refresh the Quisp cereal brand).


One Response to “Quisp Cereal Redo”

  1. Your Quisp box is WAY cooler than Quaker’s.

    PS. I love quisp.


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