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Character Refresh

Posted in Artwork, Copyright with tags , , , , on January 18, 2012 by makingbelieve


I was recently approached by Princess Katie and Rocket Steve, who are a rock band for kids. They were looking to reinvent the current cartoon characters of themselves, they use on all their CDs, website, videos and promotional materials. Looking to appeal to a broader children’s market, they wanted their current characters redone with a cuter, younger look. They approached several artists to contribute a sketch of their vision of the new characters. The posted sketch is my contribution to the mix. They are currently still deciding which artist’s solution will work best for their needs.

If you’re interested seeing their current characters before the big change, head on over to Princess Katie & Racer Steve. While you are there check out some of their songs. They may be a “rock band for kids” but no children are required to enjoy their music.