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Character Design Sketches

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These color sketches are for a project I worked on back in January. The project is still in development so the only details I have to offer is they are for a proposed video game. These sketches were part of round one creative, that was rejected. The characters were thought to be too “young” and not appealing to a more mature market (the games target audience).  In later creative revisions they were “matured” and made to look a bit edgier. When I can, i will post these revised characters.

The castle image was an idea for their headquarters, a sort of Justice League for their group.


PS.. Please be mindful that even though I cannot disclose the name of the client these images were created for (client name is same as proposed video game), the images are the copyright of owner and cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form without permission.


Ready for Action.

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illustration was created in Photoshop CS3.
All artwork is copyrighted by Peter Campofiori, it is illegal to publish or print any such artwork or text without written permission by the artist

Marvel Superheroes

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Frequent visitors to this blog will begin to see a pattern. “This guy is either drawing Disney themed stuff or Marvel superheroes. Sounds like a bad case of the Peter Pan complex”.


:: Pete